Wednesday, July 06, 2005

More on distributed public relations

If the top Google returns for "distributed public relations" only
include "distributed" as a verb, as in a resume item stating that
someone "distributed public relations materials," and if none of the search
results use the words to describe a type of PR practice, can I claim to be coining
the term here? ;-)

Here's a first shot at a definition, with an immediate nod to Dan Gillmor for
his work with the concept of "distributed

distributed public relations: n. intentional practice
of sharing public relations responsibilities among a broad cross section of an organization's
members or employees, particularly in an online context

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Jason Nadal said...

In fact, this can also be abused. This article alleges what amounts to fraud on the part of Nvidia by the giving of free hardware (their higher end hardware given is in the $500 range). This seems like it's very disingenuous, but there's not any legal basis against it; they are allegedly just paying people to say positive things about them.