Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back to the islands

I've moved back to Hawaii after two years at UNC. Though I'll miss Chapel Hill and that great school tremendously, it does feel good to be here at UH-Manoa again and back in the ocean and island culture.

As for a research update, I plan to get back to the second organizational blogging study once I get more settled in. It also looks like SAGE will have Public Relations Online: Lasting Concepts for Changing Media out late this year (they're projecting a December publication date).


Erica K said...

Congrats, Prof. Kelleher! I actually just emailed you as well. Drew told me you'd be moving, and I just wanted to say best wishes -- and hope all is well being back in paradise!

Anonymous said...

How does Keving Keating send me this link? The kid who after a long stint with evil is studying at Oregon State University.