Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Guardian Unlimited article on Conversational Approach

From an article in the September 18, 2006 Guardian. [Registration required, but free.]

Know anything about wikis or dark blogs? How about web 2.0 or SEO PRs? Thought not. But anyone considering a career in marketing and PR is going to have to acquaint themselves with these terms and learn all about the brave new world they apply to - or perish...

..."Online marketing is about engaging the consumers in a dialogue and giving them something useful rather than just talking to them. It's all about interactivity," says Ryan...

Although Leo Ryan of Ryan Morrison & MacMillan sees public relations as a mere "subset" of marketing, it's interesting to see the conversational approach here, and the push for including it in curricula.

The article also includes a broader perspecitve on the role of online public relations:

"At that point the internet became of interest to the PR industry because conversations could be had, and that is what PR is all about," explains Katy Howell, managing director of immediate future, a two-year-old firm specialising in online PR.


Hossein Emami said...


I'm an Iranian blogger and my name is Hossein Emami .I'm journalist and PR pro. I work at Export Development Bank of Iran. ( and I’m student of Communications M.A. in one the Tehran universities.

My Blog name is "Ravabete Omoomi" or (public relations) in Farsi (Persian) and I am first Iranian person that a specialized blog made about pr. I started it about October 2002.

I want to write my dissertation about Online Public Relations but I couldn’t find a good subject. Would you please guide me about the subject?

I would like to answer any questions you might have Please don't hesitate for another question.
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Tom Kelleher said...

Thanks for looking me up, Hossein. We have a graduate student here at UH who is interested in research on bloggers in the Middle East. Send me a direct e-mail and I can try to put you in touch.